Stamford Donors Find Joy Creating a Legacy of Philanthropy

Ré and Peter Telep

Ré and Peter Telep at the 2016 Charles Lewis Beach Brunch in Storrs.

By Tiffany Ventura Thiele

Donors Peter ’55 (BUS) and Ré Telep are committed to supporting UConn Stamford students today and in the future.

In 2009, the couple established the Telep Family Scholarship to support UConn Stamford students. Recently, the two decided to ensure the scholarship’s longevity by creating an endowed scholarship through their estate plan.

“We’re just big believers in education,” says Ré. “If you’re going to put your money anywhere in this country, it should be toward improving people’s lives so they can improve the country.”

For years, the Teleps stayed connected with UConn through their giving and by attending alumni events. The couple eventually met with UConn Stamford officials to discuss ways of giving closer to home.

“We always were charity-minded and decided to look at our giving,” says Peter. “In reappraising everything, we decided that we wanted to increase our giving but give locally, where we knew that the money was going to go directly to the recipient.”

The Telep Family Scholarship was created soon after. Each year, the scholarship is awarded to two or three full time undergraduate students enrolled at UConn Stamford.

The scholarship has had a significant impact on its recipients, including Alena Yaseva ’16 (CLAS), a double major in psychology and human development and family studies.

“The Telep Family Scholarship gave me an opportunity to finish my undergraduate degree, enroll in graduate school to finish my career goals and attend great courses throughout my senior year at UConn,” says Alena. “I thank the Teleps from the bottom of my heart.”

Alena is just one of the many students that the Teleps have touched with their giving. Now, with their decision to create an endowed scholarship, the Teleps will help students in the Stamford area in perpetuity.

“Basically, we wanted to continue our yearly scholarship here,” says Peter. “Without an education, your prospects in the future are dim. If you’re able to give back and help someone else, it’s a very good feeling.”

If you want to make a gift to UConn for the future of UConn’s students, please contact Clayton Jason at (860) 942-9850 or to get started.