Hoberman Scholarship and Mentorship Change Lives

Harvey Hoberman

Anna Hoberman '98 J.D., left, and Harvey Hoberman '57 (CLAS), '60 J.D. (right) meet Hoberman Scholarship recipient Lisa Patnoe '03 J.D. at the School of Law awards ceremony. Lisa served as an attorney for the U.S. Postal Service for over a decade before recently transitioning into education.

Twenty-three scholarships. Countless mentoring connections. Increased opportunities at UConn's School of Law. And more to come.

The late Harvey Hoberman '57 (CLAS), '60 J.D. established the Joan Hoberman and Harvey Hoberman Scholarship at the UConn School of Law in 1995 as a tribute to his late wife. The endowed scholarship, which was invested so that it would continue in perpetuity, provides support for UConn School of Law students who have an interest in civil liberties or constitutional law—with a preference for non-traditional students with work experience.

After Harvey endowed the scholarship, he saw the impact on students, which was "certainly what we had inmind." Combining a donor advised fund, charitable gift annuities, and a bequest, Harvey added to his fund and ensured—in a tax-smart way—that his legacy at the School of Law would continue to grow and have an even greater impact.

As a two-time UConn alum and parent of a School of Law alum, Anna Hoberman '98 J.D., as well as a longtime fan of UConn Athletics, and a member of both the UConnmarching band and the Law School Foundation, Harvey was deeply invested in UConn and the success of its students.

"Harvey invested personal time and energy in mentoringmany of his scholarship beneficiaries," says Dean Timothy Fisher. "They remember him with gratitude, not just for helpingmake their education affordable, but for the guidance he gave them on their careers."

Harvey's generosity wasmotivated by his own time at the School of Law. As he fondly recalled before his passing earlier this year, "It goes back to my days atWoodland Street [site of the law school from 1940-1964], where I developed so many close friendships with classmates and faculty alike. It was just a wonderful experience."

"We will miss him for many reasons," Fisher says. "The legacy he leaves behind is an enduring testament to his loyalty to our school and to our students."

You can follow Harvey's path of generosity and make a difference for UConn students with a gift in your estate plan. To learn more about your options, contact Clayton Jason at (860) 942-9850 or giftplanning@foundation.uconn.edu.

From Scholarship to Career: James Thomson '16 J.D.

James Thomson

James Thomson '16 J.D.

It all started with O.J.

As James Thomson '16 J.D. recalls, "The Simpson trial was the first time that I heard any kind of public debate about legal advocacy or trial techniques. Through that lens, I saw litigation as a sort of cerebral sport and decided it was what I wanted to do."

Pursuing his goal, James' first job out of collegewas with a large, international law firm.That experience allowed him to work on landmark intellectual property and pro bono cases—and solidified his decision to enroll atUConn's School of Law.

"The Hoberman Scholarship was instrumental inmy ability to graduate from law school without debt," he says. "With my own savings, and help from family, the Hoberman Scholarship allowed me to hit the ground running early inmy legal career."

After initially working in-house with a real estate investment company, James realized he wanted to focus on litigation. "So I pursued my current role at McCarter & English, LLP in Boston, where I specialize in intellectual property litigation."

James first met Harvey Hoberman '57 (CLAS), '60 J.D. at a UConn School of Law event, recalling, "We talked about his wife and daughters, the reason for the scholarship, and his own career path. But he also took a genuine interest in my development as a lawyer. He even helped me secure my first judicial internship with a classmate of his.

"Though I never had the chance to work with him professionally, Harvey taught me a great deal—in a short amount of time. I am endlessly grateful for his scholarship and mentorship."